Celebrate Mods By Donating!

ModCon is a special event. It is sourced directly from the love that we all share for Crusader Kings 3 and the community around it. 
Our wish for this event is that we translate this passion to something positive for the world - Supporting autismus Mittelfranken e.V. directly supports people with autism within Bavaria!

Ko-Fi is our platform of choice. They do not take a fee and as a result every cent donated will go to the charity!

Who are they?

autismus Mittelfranken e.V. is organising active support groups, self-advocacy groups and self-support groups in the Bavarian region of Middle Franconia.
They are one of the financing organisations of the Autismus-Kompetenz-Zentrum, which - among other things - publishes advice brochures and offers open spaces for people with autism.

why donate?

COVID-19 has made things harder for many. It is now even more important to support one another and maintain a healthy society - Together!
autismus Mittelfranken e.V. and their partners work tirelessly to support people with autism both by offering day-to-day support and by raising awareness throughout society. A donation means that they can continue their important work in the region.


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