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Mod Link Hub

All of the mods below participate in ModCon either by hosting one of the panels of the convention, by supplying material and support for the panels or by presenting their work in the announcement shows.

Make sure to join their Discords via the links below.


CK3 Mod Coop

After The End
A Game Of Thrones
Elder Kings 2
Community Mods For Historicity
Apotheosis: The Hellenistic Age
Ave Maria
Community Flavor Pack
Community Title Project
Crusader Universalis
Cybrxkhan's Immersion Mods
Ethnicities & Portraits Expanded
Europa Magnifica
Godherja: The Dying World
Ibn Battuta's Legacy
Kingdom Of Heaven
Muslim Enhancements
The Witcher Kings
Nova Aetas
Lord Of The Rings: Realms In Exile
Princes Of Darkness
Rajas Of Indochina
Res Publica
Sinews Of War
Tales Of Ireland
Tavern Of Sin
The Bronze Age: Maryannu
The Fallen Eagle
The Four Nations
The Lion And The Lillies
The Way Of Kings
Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht
The Shogunate
The Witcher Realms
Imperator Invictus